Monday, January 23, 2012

That sketch/ Messer Chupps

  These are some drawings I've been working on.

Work in progress
 I did this one about 1 year ago.
  My girlfriend Nico is a big fan of zombie films. She has a passion for cooking, so I drew her as a zombie cook. Nico has so many amazing food recipes that if i'm craving something but don't know what, I go to her blog for ideas on what to make to eat. You can view her blog at
  I would also like to share some surf spacey horror music for today. I would like to introduce Messer Chupps. They are a 2 piece band from Russia. The came out with their first album Monster and Monster in 1999. Have a taste of their bloody killer sound. For more info on Messer Chupps click Messer.


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  1. Shahin I ALWAYS love your art work. You have so much talent and Im happy I get to see so much of it!