Sunday, January 22, 2012


 Swedish band Koop was formed in 1997 by Magnuss Zingmark and Oscar Simonson. Inspired by hip hop, jazz and house dance, Koops sound is laced with sensual rhythm that will keep you wanting more. 
  Collaborating with a series of talented artist, the pair released their debut album Sons of Koop in 1997. Their music is created through a series of sample and overlays, thousands of short clips of sound and music reworked to create the unique Koop sound. The final piece that brings the composition together are the guest vocalist which include Yukimi Nagano, Rob Gallagher, Mickael Sundin, Ane Burn and Hilede Louise Asbjornsen.
  For more info about Koop go here or there.

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  1. Really excited you shared this! More good tunes to listen to when I click your page. Oh and the first song makes me want a sandwich... hahaha