Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bay Area Bands

  The Bay area is filled with talented musicians, here is a taste of some of the local bands. Check them out. 
Corazon Atomico- medicina
The Groggs- you're gonna leave me
Santa Cruz
Up all night
Santa Cruz

The Subtle Tease- Spoken in the dream of the night
Watsonville Ca
The Red Light District- I'm Rich
Santa Cruz
Grito Dolores 
Watsonville Ca
The Trims- The Breeze
San Jose Ca

Moon Cadillac - Party People
Watsonville/Santa Cruz

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The old with the new

  When all out of ideas, we mix different genres to make something new out of something old. It could sound like the 89 earthquake and destroy your ears or be like breathe of fresh air. These are a few good songs that  mixed a little swing jazz, with more modern dance beats. Some are remixes of old artist, and some are originals. Enjoy!
Gabin - Du op du op (remix of Ella Fitzgerald- it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing)
Mr. Scruff - Get a move on (Moon Dog- Birds Lament

Parov Stelar - Catgroove
Gramophonedzie- Why don't you do right remix of "Peggy Lee"
Peggy Lee-

Caravan Palace- Jolie Coquine

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Elijah Pfotenhauer

  Santa Cruz local Elijah Pfotenhauer, born on 1980, studied at Cal Arts, Valencia and Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz. His work is a balanced mix and blend of organic/natural elements with mechanical man made technology. Elijah personally utilizes painting and visual art to engage and uplift the community. He believes that art is the tool to unite people across lines of age, race, sex and general socio economic backgrounds.
  Elijah's work has been shown at a variety of galleries in the bay area including: The Hide Gallery, The Mill, Mama Buzz and 4th Street Triumph. In addition he also has murals across California, Europe and Asia.
   For more info you can view his website at

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Funky here, funky there, funky everywhere

   As a musician/artist, I feel that listening to artist from the past is very important. They help extend our music vocabulary and skills. 
   I also feel it is important to share good music with the rest of the world. Good music shouldn't be kept a secret, that would be selfish. It should be spread like a virus.
  But sadyly there is so much good music out there that hasn't got the exposure it deserves. Todays post is about 70's funk bands that you probably haven't heard of. Enjoy!


Nigeria Special 70-76

Japan 1973 album - Hosono

Osvaldo Rodriguez y Los 5 U 4

 late 70's