Saturday, January 21, 2012

Alisha Ripatti

   Alisha Ripatti, a very talented Santa Cruz 
County local artist/musician, became obsessed 
with drawing in the 2nd grade. 

  "I would study animals and the way they 

moved for what seemed like hours. Later in high 

school I would stay up until 2 am searching for 

artist who's style I admired." 

  Alisha has always been drawn to surrealism 
and particulary artist with morbid undertones. 

  "I became fixated on skeletons and skulls in 

particular. They have a purely asthetic feel."

  Aside from being an amazing artist, Alisha 
is an incredible guitarist and guitar teacher. 
If you are interested in guitar lessons or want
to know more about her artwork, you can contact 
her at or facebook


Here is a list of artist Alisha admires: Dali, Escher, Naoto Hattori, Alex Pardee, Murakami, and Marlo Meekins.

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  1. i love all of these art pieces! You have such talented friends!