Friday, February 3, 2012

Pepe Nunez el Pepelini

  Born in Watsonville California on Feb 15th 1983, Pepe Nunez developed an interest in drawing at an early age. Influenced by pin up art and Japanese anime in high shcool, Pepe became incredibly good at bringing out the beauty in anything he saw or drew.  
  A few years after high shcool, he started working as a caricature artist at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. In 2009, Pepe strived to start his carreer as a tattoo artist. He is currently working at Strong Tattoo in San Jose.

 Death Viper Mafia girl #1
  Q- What is your biggest struggle in art?
 P- My biggest struggle is being consistent and coming up with my next idea. I want to make each piece better than the ones before, so it could be discouraging at times if I'm not in the zone. 

   Q-  What do you do to get resolve that problem?

P- I just make myself do it. If i'm feeling lazy, I'll force myself to start drawing and eventually an idea will pop up.
   Q- Do you have any drawing tips for artist that are starting out?

 P- I would say to look at other artist styles who you admire, or research new artist. It is very helpful looking at other peoples art because that's how we learn new techniques, and we borrow ideas from all different styles. 
  Speed is also very important in drawing to me because the faster you can execute an idea  with the same feel as something that takes  long to draw, the more ideas you will be able to get out there. 
Q- Who are your influences?

P-  "James Jean, Adam Barton (Orieles Tattoo), Alfonse Mucha, McGinnis, and William Waterhouse." 

Tattoo I got by Pepe
Pepe Nunez is having some of his art displayed tonight in Salinas at "Somos media and gallery"
It's from 7pm to 10 and the adress is  262 mains old town Salinas. For more info on Pepe you can contact him here.

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  1. So excited to see Pepe's art installation! This pieces are really fantastic! Love the interview.